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Conectid Group: Innovating for a Sustainable Tomorrow

Our Vision

Conectid Group leads in designing, developing, and distributing innovative consumer goods, underlined by our unwavering commitment to sustainability, innovation, and ethical practices. Our diverse subsidiaries — PopArtFusion, Appliance Book, OnHardware, and Conectid Robotics — each contribute uniquely towards a comprehensive approach to consumer goods, ensuring sustainability, mesmerizing design, and adherence to ethical standards.


Merging art with technology, PopArtFusion introduces pop art aesthetics into everyday products, turning functional items into pieces of joy and color. Visit PopArtFusion to explore products that inspire.

Appliance Book

Appliance Book is your go-to resource for smart, sustainable home appliances, offering reviews and advice for environmentally conscious consumers. Discover more at Appliance Book.


Connecting Europe with the latest in eco-friendly consumer electronics and hardware, OnHardware is at the cutting edge of sustainable technology. Learn more at OnHardware.

Conectid Robotics

Specializing in robotic solutions, Conectid Robotics advances technology for everyday life, emphasizing positive social and environmental impact. Dive into robotics at Conectid Robotics.